Travel Arrangements

Swiss mountain goats

Swiss mountain goats

Zurich is the closest international airport. A travel agent can advise you of available flight options. Einsiedeln is easy to reach by train from the Zurich airport (about 1 ½ hours).

You can reach Einsiedeln directly form the Zurich airport by train. The train station at the airport is in a separate building from Arrivals, just across the street after you go out the main door. Walk through customs, follow the exit sign (there’s only one way out), and look for the sign for Bahn (train) with a train icon. Exit the terminal and walk across to the adjoining building, following the signs. The train platforms and ticket counters are on the lower level. You can purchase a ticket to Einsiedeln there.

Trains run regularly and often, several times per hour. Rate is approximately CHF 22 to CHF 35 depending on whether you prefer to travel second or first class, each way. Credit cards and/or bank cards are accepted.

The trains run on different routes; you’ll need to change trains at least once. We advise you to request the route with the fewest changes. A ticket agent can help you do this.

For your return trip to the airport, the best transportation is the train. A train leaves Einsiedeln for the airport several times every hour. Arranging taxis to the train station for departure will be facilitated at the program.


Ferry leaving Hotel Sonne, Kusnacht

Ferry leaving Hotel Sonne, Kusnacht

We highly recommend arriving in Switzerland (or Europe) a few days early if possible, to rest and recover from jet lag. To facilitate this, we offer a Pre-Conference Workshop, In the Footsteps of C.G. Jung – An Introduction to Zurich and Switzerland, June 14-17, 2017.

For arrival on Saturday, June 17, you may check into your room at Hotel Allegro any time after 2 pm. Our first gathering will be a Welcome Dinner at 5:30 pm.

Early Arrivals

IF you would like to arrive a day early, it is possible for an additional fee payable to Hotel Allegro when you check in. Please let us know if you would like this option and we will make the reservation for you. Cost is CHF 100 for bed and breakfast or CHF 145 for room plus 3 meals.


The program ends after dinner Friday evening, June 30. Lodging that night and breakfast the next morning are included in your fee. You can make travel arrangements to depart from Einsiedeln any time Saturday morning, July 1 that is convenient for you.

Travel Insurance

We recommend travel insurance as protection against financial penalty in case anything unexpected occurs before your departure. Please contact a travel agent for information.



“This program moved me deeply in the direction of competence and confidence. I not only learned theory, but feel I have embodied the practice of Sandplay. I will be forever grateful for this privilege.”

—Leslie Fields