Swiss Sandplay miniatures

Swiss Sandplay miniatures


Supervision of practical work in both individual and group sessions is a part of the requirement to become a certified member of ISST (International Society for Sandplay® Therapy) and STA (Sandplay® Therapists of America). The total number of supervision hours is determined by each National Society, with a minimum of 80 hours of individual and group supervision with a Teaching Member. Of these a minimum of 30 must be individual supervision. 50 hours of group supervision will be acceptable provided the student presents their own material on at least 10 occasions within the group supervision hours. In the view of ISST, the supervisor should be different from the personal process therapist.

Small Group Supervision/Consultation

Supervising faculty at Sandplay in Switzerland are certified teaching members of ISST. A limited number of sessions are available for participants to show their cases for small group consultation.

Judy Zappacosta with participants in 2012

Judy Zappacosta with participants in 2012

Please indicate on the Application Form if you want to present a case for small group consultation. First review the Guidelines, then fill out and submit the Case Presentation Form. Those making presentations will be asked to submit their case before the program for review.

Since sessions are limited, we advise early submission of Case Presentation Form.

Individual Supervision/Consultation

A limited number of individual supervision hours with Judy Zappacosta are available for an additional fee. Cost is not included in the program fees. Reservations should be made in advance. Please contact our office to make arrangements. Email caringforthesoul@earthlink.net.


“This program met every expectation I came with. The value was so deep and so comprehensive, both personal and professional. I was so affected by the safe encouragement and nurturing of a journey inward. I think my time there in Switzerland…was truly life transforming.”

—Ruth Castellano