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Our Location in Switzerland

The Sandplay in Switzerland program has always been held in Switzerland since it began in 1984. We go there to the source of both Sandplay and Jungian psychology, one of essential roots. Dora Kalff developed Sandplay there, Carl Jung created his psychology there, and both lived in neighboring villages on the Lake of Zurich. Both knew and loved that particular place, culture, and context that nurtured them and their work.


Einsiedeln is easily accessible by train, not far from Zurich, in the German part of Switzerland. Swiss-Geman is the language spoken most here. Many people speak English, French, and/or Italian.

View from roof top garden of Hotel Allegro

Environment at Hotel Allegro

We have chosen Einsiedeln as our location because it is situated in a quiet, natural environment, surrounded by a beautiful, typically Swiss countryside. Einsiedeln has been an important pilgrimage center for hundreds of years and has an interesting history and special atmosphere. Exploring the area is enticing with walking trails from the center leading into the forest, to a nearby lake, and to the charming town.

Our location has everything we need—a well-run hotel and conference center, a spacious meeting room, good art room, nice accommodations, fresh healthy food, and a natural environment. There is a good, concentrated atmosphere that is conducive to our work. And, the fees here are very reasonable for Switzerland.

Hotel Allegro

Ariel view of Hotel Allegro

Ariel view of Hotel Allegro

Our excellent hotel and conference center in Einsiedeln is Hotel Allegro, www.hotel-allegro.ch. See their website for more information and photos of the center, rooms, and the surrounding area.

Address: Hotel Allegro, Lincolnweg 23, Einsiedeln, CH-8840
Telephone: 011 (access code varies depending on what country you’re calling from; 011 is from USA and Canada only) + 41 (country code for Switzerland) + 055 + 418-8888.
Fax: country code + 055 + 418-8889.
Email: info@hotel-allegro.ch
Website: www.hotel-allegro.ch

More Information

For more information about the country, what to expect, what to bring, and tips about money and finances, see Switzerland.

More information about Einsiedeln can be found on our Einsiedeln page.

For more details about accommodations at Hotel Allegro, please see Accommodations and Meals.

Martin and Sabine Kalff

Martin and Sabine Kalff, 2015

Staff at Sandplay in Switzerland, 1992

Staff at Sandplay in Switzerland, 1992









“Very good balance of theory and practice, philosophical and daily therapy details, emotional and analytical. Very rich mix of formats, lecture, movement, art, supervision, film, excursions.”

—Lia Feraren Reznicek