Martin KalffMARTIN KALFF, Ph.D., is a leading Sandplay therapist, a meditation teacher, and Tibetan Buddhist scholar. In various personal meetings starting in 1969, he has received inspiration and encouragement by the Dalai Lama to continue his innovative work. In 1985, he was one of the 12 founding members of ISST, and in 1991 he founded The Center for Sandplay Therapy, later renamed Pegasus: Center for Sandplay Therapy Psychology of Religion, and Creative Expression. He is also co-founder of the Buddhist Center in Zollikon, Switzerland. Dr. Kalff has a private practice in Sandplay therapy treating children and adult clients, and he teaches Sandplay all over the world. He lives in Switzerland with his wife Sabine and son.


SABINE KALFF is a teacher of expression through painting, and an art therapist who works with individuals and groups in her studio in Zollikon. She was trained in expressive art by Arno Stern, founder of the method. Her training in art therapy and psychodrama was through DGKT, the German Association for Art Therapy, and she has been a member of DGKT since 1987. She has engaged in Buddhist studies and practice since 1981 with Tibetan lamas and western Buddhist leaders, and is the manager of the Buddhist Center in Zollikon. She completed 6 years of meditation teachers training with Sylvia Wetzel, one of the leading German teachers, in Berlin. She is a certified meditation teacher, and co-leader of Sylvia Wetzel’s Meditation Network, “Tara libre,” in Germany and Switzerland. She lives in Zollikon with her husband Martin and their son.


IMG_0965MARIA KENDLER is a teaching member of ISST and also serves on the ISST Board. Presently she is the president of the Swiss Society for Sandplay Therapy. She maintains a private practice as a psychologist for both children and adults near Lausanne and works in a therapy center for young adults with psychiatric and addiction problems. She also practices Sandplay Therapy in an International School with adolescents, and regularly experiences Sandplay with developmentally challenged persons. Her first profession was a teacher of German language and literature; she now writes in the editorial group of the German Journal for Sandplay Therapy. She offers Sandplay training and personal process in several European countries. Originally Austrian, she has now lived in the French part of Switzerland for 17 years.



BRAAM BEETGE is a Certified Counseling Psychologist in South Africa with a Jungian-oriented private practice there for 28 years. He is a Certified Sandplay Therapist and Teacher with ISST and is the ISST representative for Sandplay in South Africa. He invites ISST teachers around the world to teach Sandplay in South Africa and helped organize a successful 2-year training program for the first time there. He has also trained in Clinical Psychology, Play Therapy and EMDR. He has a strong interest in nature and what CG Jung called the “bush soul” that is so neglected in the world today.




IMG_0935JUDY ZAPPACOSTA, MFT, co-owner of Caring for the Soul, is a Certified Sandplay Teacher in Sandplay Therapists of America (STA) and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST). She has maintained a private practice in Santa Cruz, California, for over 25 years; the focus of her practice is Jungian psychotherapy, Sandplay, dreams, and the integration of psyche and soma. She consults and supervises therapists using Sandplay, and has published and taught both nationally and internationally. She presently serves on the board for ISST and is past Treasurer and board member of the Marion Woodman Foundation, where she completed the BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program. She is one of the contributing authors in Sandplay Supervision, edited byRie Mitchell and Harriet Friedman, (Routledge), and Living the Tides of Uncertainty, (STA), and the editor of Pearls, Defining Moments in Our Lives, published in 2014. Judy teaches summer programs abroad for Caring for the Soul offering two week intensives for Sandplay training in Switzerland and Interior Rhythms, which integrates Sandplay, dreams, and body awareness in relation to inner and outer landscapes.

Program Director

IMG_1022PATTY FLOWERS, co-owner of Caring for the Soul, directed continuing education programs in the arts, humanities, health & healing, and psychology at University of California Extension, Santa Cruz for more than 20 years. She specialized in programs exploring Jungian psychology, including programs held in Switzerland from 1980 through 2001. She worked extensively with Dora Kalff, bringing her to the US to teach Sandplay® throughout the 1980s, and taking students to her in the Sandplay in Switzerland programs. She was Program Director for the Marion Woodman Foundation for 9 years from its inception through 2010. She worked closely with Marion Woodman in the creation and management of programs offering an experience of Woodman’s groundbreaking BodySoul work; she also completed the BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program. She now devotes her time to Caring for the Soul. She has been a life-long student of religions and is currently pursuing research of the Divine Feminine as manifested in the world today.

“Patty Flowers has for many years been an amazing and consistent pillar in spreading Dora Kalff’s Sandplay Therapy through providing and organizing intensive training programs since the time when Dora Kalff was alive. Personally I was invited early on in the 1980’s to be part of these trainings. In 2006 Judy Zappacosta and Patty Flowers created the organization Caring for the Soul.  Also in this period I had the opportunity to be involved on a steady basis in teaching and offering my input how to best present Sandplay in a changing world. Sandplay in Switzerland has been an important element which helped me from the beginning to develop and grow as a teacher of Sandplay Therapy.”