Sandplay in Switzerland
A Two-Week Training Intensive

June 17 – July 1, 2017

Swiss Silhouette

This program was just completed. It is generally held every other year. Join our mailing list to be notified the next time the training is offered. When it is offered, it will be much like this.

The program begins in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, Saturday, June 17, with mid-day check in at our conference center: Hotel Allegro, Lincolnweg 23, 8840 Einsiedeln, www.hotel-allegro.ch. First gathering is dinner that evening at 5:30 pm pm.

The program ends in Einsiedeln, Saturday, July 1, after breakfast. Participants can depart any time that morning that is convenient.

Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements. More details will be sent to those who enroll.




Pre-Conference Workshop

In the Footsteps of C.G. Jung—
An Introduction to Zurich and Switzerland

June 14 – 17, 2017

This workshop offers the opportunity to awaken to the inner and outer landscapes of the psyche. We will settle into our conference center and explore the region before the intensive rhythms of the Sandplay program begins. We will honor our inner world as well welcoming dreams, symbols, and images that help awaken a relationship to gifts from our own unconscious.

Swiss cranes, Kusnacht

Swiss cranes, Kusnacht

Rapperswil Old Town

Rapperswil Old Town

Zurich and nearby Kusnacht and Zollikon are the areas where both Carl Jung and Dora Kalff lived and worked. This is the land where Jungian psychology and Sandplay were born and developed and the atmosphere is rich and palpable. In these first days together we will explore this unique area, see some of the most interesting sites in Zurich, enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and adjust to the time and place.

The program begins in Einsiedeln Wednesday, June 14, with mid-day check in at the conference center. First session is after lunch at 2 pm. The program ends Saturday, June 17 at noon. Participants will have a free afternoon until the Sandplay program begins with dinner that evening. For complete details see Pre-Conference Workshop.

“My personal goals in attending the conference were more than met. I learned a great deal about Sandplay, but most importantly, I learned a lot about myself in the growth process. This will greatly benefit my practice of Sandplay. It was an invaluable experience.”

—Frank Adair