Sandplay Organizations

International Society for Sandplay Therapy, www.isst-society.com

Sandplay Therapists of America (STA), www.sandplay.org

Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy, www.sandplay.ca

German Society for Sandplay Therapy, www.sandspiel.de

Israel Society for Sandplay Theraphy, www.sandplay.co.il

Italian Society for Sandplay Therapy, www.aispt.it

Netherlands Society for Sandplay Therapy, www.sandplaynederland.org

Swiss Society for Sandplay Therapy, www.sgsst.ch

United Kingdom: www.sandplay.org.uk

Other Organizations of Interest

Association for Play Therapy: www.a4pt.org

Association for Dance Therapy: www.adta.org

Marion Woodman Foundation: mwoodmanfoundation.org

Purchase of Books

Amazon.com, for purchase of books

C.G. Jung Bookstore (at the Jung Institute in Los Angeles), 10349 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Phone, 310-556-1196. Fax, 310-556-2290. Email bookstore@junginla.org. This bookstore carries a wide variety of Jungian-oriented books.


Introducing Pearls, edited by Judy Zappacosta

Pearls—Defining Moments in Our Lives

Edited by Judy Zappacosta, Pearls is an anthology of stories that offer healing and inspiration at crossroad moments in our lives. Twenty contributors describe transformative experiences in a beautiful collection.

This lovely book is a great gift for any occasion!

“The stories within are really about crossing thresholds and discovering an unknown “pearl” that may arrive out of this alchemical mix of two people meeting or an unexpected encounter. Is this destiny? There are no answers to these moments somehow arriving at the right time, right location, with the right intention. It cannot be planned, or what is planned is not usually what occurs.“Judy Zappacosta, MA, LMFT, CST-T. Certified Sandplay Therapist

Praise for Pearls

“An astonishingly moving collection of defining moments in life that touch the heart and mind … Pearls is a carefully strung set of memories, that hang together to rekindle the human spirit. It was a privilege to read this book that touched me so deeply and to be able to recommend it to colleagues and students.” —Harriet S. Friedman, MA, MFT, is a Jungian Analyst in Los Angeles, CA.


Moments of meaning and breath, these tales tell of meetings with teachers—inner and outer—at destiny’s crossroads; encounters that summon the soul’s call and brought dreams to life. These are pearls indeed! Place them on your bed table and savor one each night … Tina Stromsted, PhD, is a Jungian Analyst, Dance therapist, teacher, and writer who lives in San Francisco, CA.