In Search of The Black Madonna—A Pilgrimage to Northern Spain

Offered by Caring for the Soul in 2017 and 2018



There has not been a lot written about the Black Madonna specifically, which is interesting itself. This bibliography gives an overview of books about different aspects of the subject: The Black Madonna; Archetypal and Symbolic Aspects, The Goddess Tradition; and Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of God, Christian Tradition. There is a wide variety to explore depending on individual interest. This is followed by books about Spain and Barcelona, some interesting and relevant fiction, and a highly recommended website that provides a great wealth of information.


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Sophia Tradition

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The Contributions of Marion Woodman

Marion Woodman’s books are fundamental to the study of Jungian psychology, the importance of symbol and image, embodied consciousness, and the sacred feminine.

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These Audio Downloads and CDs by Marion Woodman are available through Sounds True Publishing: sounds

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Workshops offered by women who trained intensively with Marion Woodman:
Marion Woodman Foundation:

Spain and BarcelonaOur Itinerary

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Spain and Barcelona

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Very atmospheric setting in Barcelona by a Catalan author:

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Websites – Wonderful website, check the index of Black Madonnas world-wide, then search by country.