“Sacred sites are like living archetypes. They can bring wisdom, healing, and revelation.”
—Robert Graves

In Search of the Black Madonna
Encounters with the Divine Feminine

A Pilgrimage to Northern Spain

Black Madonna of Dorres

Black Madonna of Dorres

May 14 – 27, 2017 — FULL
September 17 – 30, 2017 — Open for enrollment!

Caring for the Soul offers this special program to study, visit, experience, and work with the energies of the Black Madonna as she re-emerges in our time.

Black Madonna figures can be found all over the world with hundreds of sites in Europe, many dating to the 12th century and earlier. The figures are ancient, powerful, beloved, and an integral part of their local landscapes and culture.

This 14-day pilgrimage will include some of the oldest and most interesting sites in northern Spain, some famous, some lesser known. After meeting in Barcelona, we will go to Montserrat and Zaragoza before exploring more special places throughout Catalonia. While in the Pyrenees we will seek out the madonnas of the mountains. We’ll spend our last two days on the Costa Brava to integrate the energies we will experience in this series of encounters with the divine feminine.

The program will be enriched with history, legends, and exploration of the presence and symbolic meaning of the Black Madonnas in their varying manifestations. We will bring a Jungian perspective to our inquiry. Connections with pre-Christian goddesses and the Great Mother of pre-history will be mined for meaning. Group sessions will deepen our experience through reflection, discussion, movement, creative expression, and ritual.

Black Madonna at Montserrat

Black Madonna at Montserrat

We will see the beauty of the area as we travel through the countryside, staying in lovely Spanish hotels and enjoying the great food of the region. The pace will be unhurried with time to experience the atmosphere of the sacred sites. Enrollment will be limited to a small group.

The Black Madonna calls to us, intrigues us, and generates more and more interest among us. Who is she and what does she represent? Why are more and more people drawn to her and powerfully moved by their experiences with her? Why is she appearing in dreams at this particular time? Is there a spiritual thirst for the divine feminine in the world today? The mystery surrounding these questions will be at the heart of our pilgrimage.


First program: May 14, Sunday, through May 27, 2017, Saturday. Program begins in Barcelona at 2 pm May 14 and ends in Barcelona at 4 pm May 27. Participants make their own arrangements for travel to and from Barcelona.

Second program: September 17, Sunday, through September 30, 2017, Saturday. Program begins in Barcelona at 2 pm September 17 and ends in Barcelona at 4 pm September 30. Participants make their own arrangements for travel to and from Barcelona.

Fees for both programs

$5,820 USD includes all program costs, lodging in a single room with private bathroom for 13 nights, all breakfasts, several lunches and dinners, and all travel within Spain. $5,270 USD for a shared room. To enroll please complete application and enrollment forms and pay deposit of $750.


Our website is currently being updated, including the Enroll section. During this process, please contact us directly to enroll in this program. caringforthesoul@earthlink.net.


Black Madonna

Catalonian Black Madonna, now in National Art and History Museum, Barcelona

Montserrat.best shot

Cliff-side Monastery at Montserrat, Spain


Black Madonna of Solsona